My name is Rob Gin and I have the honour of leading our support group for young dads, aged 25 and under. Our group is called The Lion’s Den, which is a place of belonging for young dads. Our motto is faith, integrity and courage.

If you are a young dad, we would love you to join us and here are 10 reasons why:

  1. You’ll meet other young dads and know that you’re not alone on the journey.
  2. You’ll earn something new – from being a new dad, to fixing a toilet, to learning how to run a 5K race.
  3. We’re here to listen – and we’re serious about keeping confidentiality.
  4. We are big on the “ABCs” – Accountability (support), Bacon (’nuff said), and Camaraderie (we like to hang out over breakfast).
  5. We’ll meet you one-to-one too, to help apply what you learn for personal growth.
  6. Did we mention bacon?
  7. We offer wholistic encouragement and support in your life (it’s not just about parenting) which in turn equips you to be a better parent.
  8. We help you connect with resources and information specific to your needs.
  9. We believe in your value and great potential.
  10. It takes a village to raise a child – you are welcome to ours!

Lion’s Den Academy – our life skills workshops module – is now in session. Join us every Saturday until March 21st to learn a new life skill from other men with experience or expertise in their field, from Conflict Management to Cooking on a Budget, Apartment DIY, Daddy-ing 101 and more! Details below!

Young Dads Lion's Den Academy

Robert Gin. Young Dads Leader, has been mentoring youth for over 20 years and young dads for over 5 years.