You may have seen positive affirmations on social media, in advertising, or on a t-shirt, such as “know your value” or “you have worth.” It sounds great… but what does it really mean to know your value? How can you know your worth?

Worth of an object is determined by what someone will spend on it. This is how an object’s economic value works. But what about a person’s self-worth? And what if our worth has been hidden from us?

We may have unknowingly attached a price to ourselves because we see that’s what our culture or community values, such as our youth, our abilities, our skills, and our talents. Is that our true value? What if we lose the thing we thought made us valuable? Is there something we’re not seeing? How do we discover our true worth?

We are excited to launch our new Young Parents weekly group program called Know Your Worth where young parents (pregnant and parenting youth, ages 15-25) will discover their true worth and learn to live wholeheartedly.

In our weekly groups, we strive to provide a safe place where young parents can be themselves and find friendship. In our Discovery Lessons, we make sure there is space for everyone to contribute. From time to time we bring in guest speakers to lead workshops on life skills or other topics relevant to young parents. And we have lots of fun too!

We are a faith-based program sharing a Christian perspective to help young parents acquire peace and joy and share it in their homes and communities.

Young Moms groups are held every Tuesday starting October 19th (various times – see Registration link below). We are starting our weekly program online via Zoom, but making preparations to meet in person again soon.

Young Dads groups are held online via Zoom every Monday night at 8 p.m. starting October 18th, with the occasional breakfast (with bacon!) on Saturday mornings – our treat!

REGISTER TODAY by following this link: