Ever feel stuck, left behind, unmotivated, unsure of yourself? Wondering how to move forward on some of your hopes, dreams and goals for your future?

This year our young moms groups are focusing on EMPOWERMENT – moving from “I can’t” to “I can.”

Most people have dreams for their future, even if they don’t always speak about it. Things like being the best parent you can be or finding a job or going to school or getting healthy or becoming more patient…There is a whole range of hopes we might have. But how do you move from wanting change to actually changing? What are the things that stop us from moving forward or, worse, cause us to give up altogether? We believe that change is possible and is best done with a supportive group!

Our young moms groups are a safe space for you to:

  • share experiences, receive encouragement and grow in confidence
  • access resources in a supportive environment
  • make friends and have fun!

Register today to join a weekly young moms support group: https://form.jotform.com/212938631406254.

We are looking forward to sharing our insights, having these important discussions, finding ways to encourage and empower each other to make those changes our hearts desire!